The company was founded in 2010 at the kitchen table. It was an idea whose time had come mainly because the author was tired of hearing established publishing companies insist she would not find a market. When 78 million Baby Boomers are starting to retire? Have these people looked out the window lately?

“Why not just self-publish already?” she asked the general universe at large.

“Go for it,” said her husband, who always says that, which is why they are married.

She decided to call the company “Free Street Press” because “Susan Trausch Press” sounded ridiculous and “Random House” was taken.

And so the press rolled – not at the kitchen table, but down in La Vergne, Tennessee where the Lightning Source Inc. folks know what they’re doing with machinery. They run a print-on-demand operation that provides distribution through Ingram Books to any bookstore in the US. They work with a lot of indie author/publishers who created company names at the kitchen table.

Could be a trend. Or not. Either way it beats shoving the manuscript in a drawer. The author thinks the book deserves a bit wider circulation and hopes the reader will think so too.