Susan Trausch

Former Boston Globe reporter Susan Trausch is “retired” but not sure what that means. She doesn’t have to go to the office anymore and that’s good. But there is no quick answer to the question “What do you DO?” and that’s bad.

Groping Toward Whatever – or How I Learned to Retire (Sort Of) is a tale of transition, a journey from the job to somewhere else. It’s about confusion, aging, joy, and love. It’s about disorienting change and the serenity found in what remains constant.

Groping Toward Whatever - cover






“She had the classic profile of a newsroom lifer: studying journalism at Ohio State, hooked after interning at the Cleveland Press, advancing to the big time to become an award-winning writer and columnist….In a book that is both charming and poignant, uplifting and melancholy, Trausch captures the emotional and intellectual ambivalence of a career newshound suddenly untethered from the great Mother Ship Journalism.”

- American Journalism Review